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Tom Spanbauer at the Castro Street Books Inc. in San Francisco

Thank you to Books Inc. on Castro Street in San Francisco for hosting Tom Spanbauer

Posted by Rhonda Hughes on 30 Jun 2014

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Hawthorne is grateful for the support of independent bookstores. Thank you all and thank you Books Inc. on Castro in San Francisco for hosting Tom Spanbauer reading from his new novel, I Loved You More. In honor of Tom’s birthday today, a few photos from this event. Happy Birthday, Tom!

Ken White, Karl Soehnlein, and Tom Spanbauer

Thank you everyone for joining us at Books Inc.!



Alison Luterman

Shout out to Luan Stauss at Laurel Book Store and Alison Luterman for supporting Poe Ballantine

Posted by Rhonda Hughes on 28 Jun 2014

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“Poet Alison Luterman is delighted to pick up Poe Ballantine’s book. Apparently she is a big fan. Just another day at Laurel Book Store,” Luan Stauss, owner of Laurel Book Store.

Thanks for the support!

Dave Jannetta and Poe Ballantine on the set of Love and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere

Love & Terror has been selected for the Traverse City Film Festival

Posted by Dave Jannetta on 27 Jun 2014

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A quick update today with some great news. Love & Terror has been selected for the Traverse City Film Festival! This amazing festival was started 10 years ago by Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine) and is committed to showing “just great films.” It’s an honor to be selected.

Love & Terror will have two screenings on Friday, August 1 and Saturday, August 2. If you’re going to be anywhere near Traverse City, MI or have always wanted to visit but have never had an excuse,...Forward

Strengthening My Skills by Interning with Hawthorne Books

Posted by Sarrah Currin on 19 May 2014

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In this program, the importance of internships is something that we students are constantly reminded of (though of course this is not isolated to the publishing industry—many graduate programs not only encourage extracurricular internships, but require them). We’re told that internships are an invaluable way to meet important industry professionals for networking purposes and gain real-world publishing experience, which they absolutely are. It can’t be denied, though, that internships are...Forward