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Liz Crain

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Liz Crain

Author of Food Lover's Guide to Portland

Mark Bittman in conversation at Powell’s City of Books for his How to Cook Everything Fast.

Liz Crain In Conversation with Mark Bittman and Dana Cowin at Powell's Books

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I’ve been writing about food and drink in Portland since 2003 and apparently 10 is the lucky number because 2013 forward has been incredible to me. I co-authored Toro Bravo: Stories. Recipes. No Bull. with chef John Gorham in fall 2013 with McSweeney’s, authored the second edition of Food Lover’s Guide to Portland in fall 2014 with Hawthorne and immediately following the launch of that I got to host author and longtime The New York Times writer Mark Bittman and longtime Food & Wine...Forward

Director Jean-Marc Vallee (from left to right), Reese Witherspoon, Cheryl Strayed, Laura Dern and producer Bruna Papandrea. The Portland red carpet premiere of “Wild”, a movie adapted from local Cheryl Strayed’s book, was held Monday at Cinema 21. The cast, including Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern, attended. Stephanie Yao Long/The Oregonian

Cheryl Strayed's Wild Premiere in Portland, Oregon

Posted by Rhonda Hughes on 11 Dec 2014

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I had the great fortune to attend the premiere in Portland, Oregon, of Wild, based on the memoir by Cheryl Strayed. I want to pause for a moment and say thank you to Cheryl for being a longtime supporter of Hawthorne books and its writers. Thank you are puny words to express my gratitude for her generosity. During one of the busiest times while she was on tour for Wild, Cheryl took the time to write an introduction to Poe Ballantine’s memoir Love and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere....Forward

Brooke Horn is a graduate student in the Book Publishing program at Portland State University and a fall 2014 Hawthorne Books intern.

A Little Literary Magic, by Brooke Horn

Posted by Brooke Horn on 02 Dec 2014

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People often ask me why I moved from sunny Florida to the grey skies and constant drizzle of Portland. The answer, quite simply, is stories. At first I was tempted to respond with “books”, but let’s be honest – books as we know them are changing, and rapidly. The art of telling stories will long outlive the mediums which have traditionally carried them. For authors and publishers alike, it is a challenging and exciting time to be in the story business. And there’s no better place to...Forward

Spring galleys arrive at Hawthorne Books

Spring galleys arrived for Megan Kruse's novel, Call Me Home, and David Shields and Elizabeth Cooperman's anthology, Life Is Short -- Art Is Shorter: In Praise of Brevity

Posted by Rhonda Hughes on 18 Nov 2014

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The smell of ink and paper. New books arriving never gets old. Each season is a cause for a celebration. Good luck novels and anthologies and may your reception be warm.

Drew Fritzgerald and Brooke Horn

Factory Line with Drew, Brooke, and Liz

Andrew Fitzgerald packing books for television series Grimm

"This town is so dedicated to books, it’s dizzying," by Andrew Fitzgerald

Posted by Andrew Fitzgerald on 06 Nov 2014

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Let me start off by saying I love your city (which can sometimes be followed by “but…” but in this case I have no buts). Portland has been welcoming in all the ways a small town Michigander could hope for—friendly people, tons of things to do, parks galore. Now, as if by magic, I am an intern with Hawthorne Books. Combined with PSU’s publishing program, I have been introduced to a quality of Portland that I didn’t quite expect, and one that makes it feel even more like a small...Forward