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What we're reading, vol. 6

Posted by Liz Crain on 21 Feb 2012

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Yet another installment of the What We’re Reading series (here’s what we were reading in July) with all sorts of novels, cookbooks, story collections and more. Please chime in if you’ve read any of these books and also let us know what good books you’ve read lately.

1Q84, Haruki Murakami
1Q84, Haruki Murakami
Shambala, Chogyam Trungpa
The manuscript for A Certain Choice by Monica Wesolowska due out from Hawthorne Books spring 2013
My great aunt’s memoir printed for family

Members of the Portland Wheelmen Touring Club on their 2012 New Year’s Day ride. Photo by Bob Wong, courtesy of PWTC.

Portland bike culture in A Very Minor Prophet

Posted by Daniel Asbridge on 13 Feb 2012

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Portland has become increasingly famous for its quirky vibe. (Of course there’s Portlandia broadcasting it loud and clear these days.) But it goes a lot deeper than that especially when it comes to Portland’s love of alternative transportation. Portland is home to many, many biking groups, including the Portland Wheelmen Touring Club. Founded in 1971 and boasting over five hundred members, the PWTC designs weekly events for people of all experience levels.

PWTC’s Saturday morning Alphabet...Forward

IPRC members at work in the organization’s expanded printshop. Photo courtesy IPRC.

IPRC: the wellspring of northwest independent publishing

Posted by Brittany Pedersen on 06 Feb 2012

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Hawthorne authors have hosted events at the IPRC (Independent Publishing Resource Center) in the past and coming up on Saturday May, 19th at 7:30pm, James Bernard Frost will read from his spring 2012 title A Very Minor Prophet at IPRC. In his novel, IPRC is a hub where the characters create and distribute their zines so we thought a book event there would be fitting.

Of course, IPRC doesn’t just play a role in fiction, they have a whole host of events and opportunities for Portland artists....Forward

LocationThe Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC)
917 SW Oak Street #218, Portland OR 97205