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Introducing Cavalcade Literary Magazine

Posted by Emily Shannon on 21 Nov 2011

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In late October, Random Order Coffeehouse & Bakery hosted a release party for a newcomer to the Portland literary scene: Cavalcade Literary Magazine. Comprised of fiction, poetry, and photography, the magazine hosts an eclectic mix of voices. It’s powerful, quirky, and poignant.

Putting together a journal has been Cutter Williams’ dream for quite some time. While working part-time at Random Order, sitting on his English degree for a while, Cutter decided to make that dream a reality. He...Forward

The front cover of Scott Nadelson’s collection Aftermath.

Hawthorne staffer examines Nadelson's Aftermath

Posted by Penelope Bass on 14 Nov 2011

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Real life doesn’t end when the credits roll or the last page turns. There is always the slow, quiet drive home from the movie theater as we try to realign our own expectations with the temporary thrill of a good story. We did not just save the world from aliens or overcome all odds to find our soul mate. Instead we are left lingering in the stillness of our own choices, the anticlimactic wake of reality.

It is in this space that author Scott Nadelson introduces us to the characters in his...Forward

What we're reading, Vol. 5

Posted by Liz Crain on 07 Nov 2011

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Yet another installment of the What We’re Reading series (here’s what we were reading in July) with all sorts of novels, cookbooks, story collections and more. Please chime in if you’ve read any of these books and also let us know what good books you’ve read lately…

When I Forgot, Elina Hirvonen
The Twin, Gerbrand Bakker
The Lovers, Vendela Vida
God is Dead, Ron Currie, Jr.
Along with many Hawthorne and freelance projects
The Art of Fielding, Chad Harbach
Habibi, Craig...Forward

Hawthorne Books round-up for November 2011

Posted by Liz Crain on 02 Nov 2011

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With so many titles published over the past ten years sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything our authors have been up to. Here are a few highlights from the past several weeks. Please let us know anything and everything that we’ve left out!

Our fall title The Luminist, by David Rocklin, is getting fantastic reviews as he’s traveling around the country for his book tour. Here are some media hits:

Our other fall title...Forward